Interview with Tresa Jordan

by Jeff Jones

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Singer Tresa Jordan busts onto the Christian and Country music scene to much anticipation. The musical housewife and mother of three's CD will debut with the glorious single "Angels Cry". She is also scheduled to release her second single "I Turn to Country" in April, while she does some touring in the South Eastern United States. Described by her friends as " a singer brave enough to wear her heart on her sleeve", she braved many obstacles in her career to bring the world this masterpiece of lyric and song. She, however, would not be so successful without God's help. When asked about this, she said, "I think just knowing that there's more to this life than what we see is what has given me the strength to keep plugging away at my career. Through the disappointments and the good times God's love never changes."

Tresa Jordan, like all people, has a history. She grew up in a musical family and brought those memories with her. "As far back as I can remember, I loved to sing. My Dad was a drummer in a local band and I would love to watch him practice and I always wanted to go with him to his shows. When I got a little older he would let me go and sing with his band. Plus, my Dad just played a lot of music and a lot of different styles of music too. I've just always had a passion about wrapping myself up in a song.

" Many people affected the way she writes her songs both from an artistic point of view and also from the view of her family. "Some of my favorite singers are Steve Wariner, Allison Krauss, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, Dolly Parton, and Trisha Yearwood." She also spoke of her family's constant support, "I guess my role models would have to be the people in my family who have shown me so much love and have encouraged me. My Mom, Dad, husband and children. Because of them I want to be a better person. Because of their hard work I am where I am today. Because of their belief in me… I keep going and hopefully someday I can make them all proud.

" Being a full time singer and a mom is hard work. Ms. Jordan makes time for her career, children, and husband. When asked about her priorities she had this to say, "To me…if my career fell apart today I would be ok because I would still have the most important thing, and that is my family. There are times when I have to spend time away, but I try to definitely make it up with extra time that's "quality" time. I was raised in a very close family and I want to have that same closeness with my children."

Ms. Jordan by all appearances lives her music. Has life been a glamour story? No. Quoting her website, " Her life has been anything but glamorous, its been a country song!" This is why she finds support from many different walks of life; because her music is something everyone can relate to.

Ms. Jordan told us what she wants people to get from her music.

"I want them to go to a place in their minds where they can reminisce, smile, or cry. I wrote the songs about my life and about my feelings and I think people can really relate to that. I think listeners can tell if an artist is writing/singing from the heart, if it's genuine or not." People get to know her by her music, and that is why her CD is so highly personal. "I really lived the songs so I hope people will get that when they listen."

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