T-Rio - Thaìsa, Thainà and Thayana — Spreading the Brazilian Culture.

by Kees Boer

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I had never met a triplet in real life, let alone a triplet in the entertainment business from one of my favorite countries, Brazil. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to interview T-Rio, the Brazilian pop group, who've made it to number one in the charts in many countries, including my own home country, the Netherlands.

Thaísa, Thainá and Thayana Sco were born on November 10th in the capital of Brazil, Brazilia. Thaisa explained how they got started in music: "We started in music very, very early, because our father is a guitarist and our mother is a singer too. When we were children, we heard music all the time. So, we grew up with music."

They also studied classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance in their early years. As a result they developed a love for the entire gamut of performance in the entertainment industry: "When we were young, we were always around, acting, dancing and singing. Right now, we're concentrating our career on music. We would always be happy to do anything within the entertainment world. Our love is to perform. When we were 14 years old, we decided to do this professionally. We started musical theater and that's how we started professionally."

Thaina mentioned how hey learned how to play musical instruments too: "Thaisa and I play the guitar and Thayana plays a little bit of piano."

In 2003, they were chosen to be part of a musical in Paris. When they moved to Europe, they set as goal to "To share and spread Brazilian culture and music with as many people as they can."

Thayana recalled those days: "We started singing in Brazil. When we were 18 years old, we had a casting to go to Paris to make a musical about Brazilian culture. We passed the casting and were selected to go to Paris. So, once we were in Paris, a producer came to our show. He enjoyed what we did and he started working with us in Paris as well. We went to Holland and all the countries around Europe, Asia, and Canada, and Brazil."

We spoke about the difference in culture between the Europeans and the Brazilian Culture. "When performing, we don't really notice the difference, because when you have fans that enjoy your work, it's always exciting and the same everywhere. But in real life, day to day, we see that it is a different culture. In Brazil we're warmer. We like Europe very much; it's different, but it's good as well."

Thaisa explained how they love the Brazilian culture though: "We love Brazilian songs, because it is our culture and we grew up with it. We love American music too, like R&B, Rock and Pop Rock."

Their first album sold showed all of these forms of music also and sold over a million copies world wide! Click on the video next to here to see them perform their big hit of the album "Choopeta."

Besides entertainment, T-Rio really has many things they would like to achieve. They want to send a positive message to the world with their music. But they are also very concerned about endangered species and they have a huge passion for the environment, Thaina said: "In Brazil, there is a huge cause of the decline of the rain forest. We feel that as people, who care about the world and about the future, that our kids must enjoy the world, as we enjoy it. So, that's why we think it is important to preserve the rainforest. As Brazilians, we feel obligated to protect what we have in our country and a lot of parts in the world as well."

The environment is not their only cause. "An other cause that we'd like to promote is the commitment towards the family. We feel that the family as a base is very important."

For more information, check out their official website T-RioMusic.Com