Interview with Hunter

by Jeff Jones

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Fourteen year-old Hunter Gomez bursts on to the acting scene to much anticipation. Possibly the next Hollywood great, this rising star joins the best of the best in many of his most recent projects. Upon first glance, many Americans don't immediately recognize Hunter although he appeared and costarred in many popular movies and shows including According to Jim, The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, and most notably, he played the young Nicholas Cage in the recent blockbuster hit National Treasure.

"My favorite part of shooting a movie is actually being on screen, the feeling I get before the director says, "Action!", Hunter said. But enough about his past work, the truly exciting events happen in the not too distant future. He stars in two upcoming movies entitled Rocketboy and The Town that banned Christmas. "The movie is basically about a town that gets tired of the commercial aspect of Christmas, which in their town is a basically a decorating competition. So they decided to get rid of Christmas all together."

On top of his soon to be blockbuster successes, Hunter also recently shot the pilot for his teenage talkshow On Air with Hunter Gomez. On this show, invented and run by teenage techies and supervised by adults, Hunter interviews many fellow Hollywood celebrities as well as allowing local talent to perform on his show. He also interviews kids in the community who use their time volunteering in many important ways. "We had one amazing girl on the show who rescues dogs from animal shelters and finds them good homes."

Away from Hollywood, Hunter lives the life of a normal teenager. He enjoys hanging out with friends and family and playing with his dogs Candy and Gus, two small white Maltese. He takes out the trash and picks up after his many pets, and he "enjoys the experience".

He also thinks about his future in his profession. He says he may want to be a pediatrician or a veterinarian if his acting career falls through. He believes he may also have a future in politics as he already involved himself in the signing of two new bills, bringing more business to Arizona where he lives. Whatever he ends up doing he always wants to follow God's will for his life. Despite many temptations in acting he takes the advice of a very succesful producer Gary Johnson who had this to say, "The field of entertaining in general could certainly use more God honoring Christians. In this business it is hard to turn down any job offers that might contradict what we believe as Christians. But we are called to be faithful to God, not to be successful in Hollywood. If we are faithful to God and don't compromise our beliefs, he will bless our works." He also advises prospective entertainers not to take jobs compromising their beliefs in the hope of making more value oriented jobs later. Although tempting, things work out better if one does things God's way.

When asked if he had any problem balancing his beliefs and work he said, "I have not experienced anything of the kind so far in my career. I am just thankful that God lets me do this. And with the knowledge that God is the one who allowed my career to happen, I hope and pray that my faith will always be an anchor to keep me in God's will."

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