Interview with Cole Weiss

by Jeff Jones

Close This Window


On April 16, 2006 I got to interview Cole Evan Weiss, star of such hit movies as the Sandlot 2, who stars in many upcoming movies to be filmed over the summer. Having a lot of acting experience has helped him land roles in such popular shows as CBS' Close to Home. This rising star and soon-to-be household name has a great future ahead of him. Surprisingly, however, few people know about him personally beyond his work in the acting industry.

Cole has lived in Kissimmee, Florida his whole life. Born to a Christian family, his goal has always been to share the love of God with others. Then, at the age of six or seven (he can't remember which) he was bit by the acting bug and landed his first acting role in a commercial for Disney. " [It was] a commercial for Walt Disney World. It was fun but I remember it being VERY HOT outside", he said. His career has not exactly been downhill from there, but with much hard work he has managed to turn his career into a very successful enterprise winning many awards and getting much attention for his recent TV roles. " I was nominated for a Young Artist Award for my performance on CLOSE TO HOME".

With all his experience in acting, it leads one to wonder what is the best part. "I love the performing part. I like being in front of the camera. Besides the actual acting I like the fact that now I am a "celebrity" I can give back to the community by doing events for charity and stuff." On top of this, one of Cole's main goals is to maintain a normal life. "My family makes sure I have a normal life, with sports and activities outside of acting. I swim competitively on a team in LA, and I also roller blade, hang with friends and do normal teenage stuff! I also have a lot of friends who aren't actors as well." His hobbies include snowboarding, surfing, and comic collecting.

In the near future, Cole will be busy shooting new movies. "This summer I am set to film two movies, THE MAGIC HOUR and A POINT IN TIME". In the long run, he plans to attend college and hopes to eventually be a Hollywood director. With all his success, one must wonder what is his secret. He said the best way to do well at acting or anything one tries "[is] to believe in yourself. Also that its a family commitment that your whole family is affected by the business so it has to be something your whole family talks about before you get into it." The last and most important question I asked him was if he was a Gator fan. To my surprise, he said "No!" I couldn't believe it. How could someone grow up in Florida and NOT be a Gator fan!?

Despite his apparent heresy, I guess it's possible to not be a Gator fan and still be a Christian (lol). He says he likes to give back to the community because God has given him so much. With his future success practically guaranteed, all the world has to do is sit back and watch as this great actor and normal kid finds great victory both in his career and personal life.

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