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If you have been to the theater lately, you’ve probably seen a good film out right now — "Cheaper by the Dozen," featuring Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt and Hilary Duff.

The film is based on a book, a true story about Frank Bunker Gilbreth, an industrial engineer, who has 12 children and manages his family through the principles of both love and industrial engineering. Gilbreth actually designed much of the automation in American factories during the 1950s. The film is more of a comedy, and one could barely consider the father type that Steve Martin plays as someone who knows how to manage his family.

If you want to see a more accurate version of the story, check out the new DVDs "Cheaper by the Dozen" and its follow-up, "Belles on Their Toes." These two DVDs provide an incredible viewing experience for the entire family. You’ll see a family working together as a single unit, and being totally devoted to one another.

The film stars Myrna Loy (Tin Man) as Lillian Gilbreth, Frank’s wife. You can watch the DVD, while listening to a commentary by Jeanne Crain, the true-life daughter of the later Gilbreth.

The second DVD features the lives of the children as they grow up. While I thought it was a very good film, I enjoyed the first one more.

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