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It was a seemingly typical morning for wife and mother Jessica Martin (Kim Bassinger) when she drops her son off at the school bus. When she returns to her house, she is brutally kidnapped and locked up in the attic of a strange house, without a clue why this happened. The irony is there is a phone in the attic ó smashed to pieces

At the same time, Ryan (Chris Evans), carefree, young and single, is busy trying to win back his girlfriend, who dropped him because he was too self-centered and irresponsible.

Jessica is able to piece part of the phone together, so that she can make a phone call. Since the keypad of the smashed phone doesnít work, she dials a random number by touching a couple of wires together. She ends up calling Ryanís cellphone, and he becomes her life-line to the outside world.

Cellular is an action packed film, very intense and keeps you at the edge of your chair. Itís a bit intense and violent for younger children and contains quite a bit of profanity.

The DVD comes with some great featurettes including a commentary, several deleted and alternate scenes and three documentaries. Did you know the cell phone was invented in the 1940s by AT&T? Check out one of the documentaries that explains all about the cell phone and the philosophy behind it.

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