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Jim Carrey plays reporter Bruce Nolan, who is overlooked for a big promotion as a station anchor. Poor Nolan, he decides to blame God for all his troubles, and is confident he can do better than God. Imagine his surprise when he meets God, played by the talented Morgan Freeman. What an opportunity; God gives Nolan all of His powers for three weeks to see if Nolan can do better. Need I say more, it isnít hard to imagine what happens ó everything goes bonkers

Although I wouldnít use the film to teach a class in systematic theology, the film does have some redeeming values. Bruce Nolan did learn that you donít argue with God. Go figure. And God is always right. But the moral of the story, and what makes the film worth watching is Nolanís change of heart: instead of thinking of "me, myself and I" - the unholy trinity, he began to think about others.

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