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American socialite Sarah Jordan (Angelina Jolie) enjoys a life of privilege living in England with rich her English husband. She spends much of her time attending charity fundraisers along with other members of her social set. One evening while the couple attends an elite fundraising ball, Dr. Nick Callahan (Clive Owen) crashes the party to deliver a convincing plea on behalf of the children under his care in Africa.

Attracted to Nick, Sarah is also confronted with the harsh realities of refugees and is deeply troubled by the living conditions in this troubled area of the world. Deciding to lend a hand herself, she travels to Africa and experiences first hand the problems charities face while trying to work in underprivileged countries. Her personal work takes her not only to Africa, but also to Cambodia, and Chechnya.

The film deals with difficult issues such as extreme poverty, hunger, death, immigration and politics. The film demonstrates the problem of hunger isn't as simple as sending a truckload of food or money to impoverished peoples or nations, but rather that many times the difficulty lies is getting the supplies to the people in need.

Being from Europe, I know that the issue of refugees is a global concern that in some cases defines the very core and culture of individual nations. Many nations struggle with influxes of refugees, leading to strains between cultures and ethnicities. These issues run through the film as undercurrents while the main characters primarily deal with the issues of how to get help to the people right where they are.

Film writer Caspian Tredwell-Owen was inspired by his experiences during his travel in 1999 to Kosovo after the NATO bombing. It was after he observed the relief camps, refugees and aid workers first hand, that he wrote the "Beyond Borders" screenplay.

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