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Paul Vitti (Robert DeNiro) is a mob boss finishing his sentence in Sing Sing. Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal) is a psychotherapist.

When Vitti fakes insanity, Sobel is asked to evaluate him and subsequently make a misdiagnosis. As a result, Vitti is released from jail, and assigned to stay at Sobel’s home under house arrest for further “treatment.”

The film is quite funny, though also quite crude at times. The DVD comes with an informative featurette showing how the actors worked together making the film.

You can also listen to an audio commentary by director and co-writer Harold Ramis. If you have ambitions of becoming a mobster yourself (and I’m not encouraging this), you can take the M.A.D.E. challenge test. I scored a 70, which apparently makes me a fairly good prospect. Not to worry – I have other convictions that preclude me from pursuing that line of work.

You can also watch the film in French, with English, French or Spanish subtitles, or any combination that suits you.

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