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If you like Kate Hudson at home instead of in the theater, check out "The Four Feathers" on DVD. The movie reminded me of the old film "Lawrence of Arabia." The film is an epic timepiece from around 1875, about a young man, who "chickens out" of fighting for his country, England. As a result of this, he loses his fiancée (played by Kate Hudson).

As a sign of disgust of his action, each of his friends and his fiancée send him a chicken feather. The story continues and shows how he wins back the respect of his fiancée and his friends.

The film was likeable although a bit slow moving at times. On the plus side, the DVD is loaded with extras, including seven featurettes, and another documentary about the making of the film. The film can also be viewed while listening to a commentary by Director Shekhar Kapur. This DVD is definitely worth its money.

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