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Alachua Today’s “Golden Movie Ticket” winner Sandra Bullock stars in this hilarious comedy.

The film also stars Hugh Grant as multibillionaire developer George Wade.

Lucy Kelson (Bullock) is a lawyer working to preserve historical buildings. While trying to convince Wade not to destroy a building, the billionaire asks Kelson to become his lawyer – in return for a promise that the building remains standing.

Kelson accepts, but finds she ends up becoming an office gopher, leading to “two weeks notice” when she vows to quit. Things become complicated when, as fate would have it, the two fall in love.

The DVD is well done providing interesting insight into the relationship of the actors themselves. A novel concept, when you see a pink heart, you can watch the outtakes.

I especially enjoyed listening to the audio commentary of Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant and writer/director Marc Lawrence.

The commentaries are quite funny in and of themselves. I wonder that sometimes they forget that people actually listen to them.

Once can get to “know” the actors/actresses and how they relate to each other more through these commentaries than in any studio interview.

Interestingly enough, they started the commentary saying they didn’t expect anyone to actually listen. This one is quite informal; I think you’ll like it.

You can listen to the film in English and French with English, French and Spanish subtitles. The DVD also comes with a nice documentary of the film. Great addition to any DVD library.

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