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Mae is the single mother of 14-year-old Walter, played by Haley Joel Osment. Supposedly heading off to school, Mae drops Walter off at the home of her uncles (played by Robert Duvall and Michael Caine), who live an isolated life in the middle of nowhere in Texas. The uncles are rich beyond belief, and that’s part of the reason Walter is paying a visit — to find out where his uncles have their money stashed. Walter is the unwilling participant in the search; his real wish is to stay with his mom, especially when he learns his visit is for an indefinite time.

Scriptwriter Tim McCanlies admits that many of the characters appearing in Secondhand Lions emerged from his own past. "As a kid I spent a lot of summers with my grandfather, who was a crusty character much like the uncles in the movie" McCanlies also said that while his grandfather was tough, he also had a tender side, much like Walter's uncles in this film.

The DVD itself is two-sided disk, meaning that even though it is a single disk, it has twice as much information on it than a regular DVD. And I have to admit there are more extras on this DVD than I have seen on many other two-disk sets.

Check out Secondhand Lions: One Screenplay's Wild Ride in Hollywood, and be amazed about how the script went through several movie studios and years to get to the point before a final decision was made to make the film. The DVD also contains quite a few deleted and alternate scenes. With an excellent storyline and a seemingly endless supply of extra DVD features, this is a sure winner, and a great DVD to add to your collection.

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