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You can never be sure of much when it comes to films, but one thing is for sure – when it comes to Bond, you will get your money’s worth. “Die Another Day” was released on home entertainment this past Tuesday – this DVD set is worth every cent you’ll spend on it.

The Bond DVDs have always been loaded with extras, but this one is the best Bond DVD I have ever seen. It is “double-Oh” Loaded.

Pierce Brosnan stars as Ian Fleming’s James Bond, Halle Berry stars as Jinx, Bond’s CIA sidekick and Toby Stephens stars as Gustav Graves, the villain.

Bond is captured in North Korea when he attempts to kill a North Korean Colonel. After being jailed and tortured for 14 months, he is released in an exchange of espionage prisoners. His adventure takes him from Hong Kong to London, to Cuba, to Iceland and back to North Korea to capture Gustav Graves and thwart his evil plan.

The plan is filled with homage to former Bond films and even some to Ian Fleming himself. I counted over 100 tributes. There is an additional dimension to this film, one that will be recognized by diehard fans. The film, however, doesn’t require the viewer to recognize the tributes – it is thoroughly enjoyable even to those who have never before seen a Bond film.

Perhaps the key behind the tributes is that this is the 20th Bond film, as well as the 40th year celebration of the franchise.

This DVD set comes loaded with extras. The first disk contains the actual film. You can watch the film while listening to an audio commentary by director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael Wilson. Another track contains an audio commentary by Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike.

One of the neatest extra features is the MI6 Datastream that displays interesting trivia while you watch the film. It reminded me of the show, “Pop Up Video.” The film also contains French and Spanish audio tracks. These extras by themselves would make this a great DVD. The fact is that there is an additional DVD disk full of featurettes.

I’d suggest starting off by watching “Inside Die Another Day” documentary. This is a huge “making of” featurette. It took almost two hours to watch it. The documentary is broken into six chapters, so if you don’t have the time commitment to watch it all, you can do it over several days.

Scene Evolutions shows how the film was made, showing storyboards, CGI (Computer Graphics Interface) and a section on a process called Digital grading. This process feeds film into a computer, which makes modifications and then has the computer bring it back to film again. It shows the actual filming under an overcast sky, and through this process, makes the sky appear sunny. Tedious work, no doubt. I was told it took an entire year to create a computerized scene in the film, which took maybe 45 seconds to show.

The DVD comes with many more extras; it is a definite must-have for your collection. I think you’ll find it not only entertaining, but also an entire education about how a blockbuster film is made.

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