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On March 1 Disney released the film Bambi for the first time ever on DVD. This animated film is perhaps the best ever produced and is still setting benchmarks in the industry. So much so that the recent Lion King films are inspired by Bambi.

This touching classic was made in the late 1930s and released in 1942 in the theaters. And differing from other Disney productions of the era, it was not a war themed film. The story is based on the 1923 book of the same name by Austrian Felix Salten. When the film came out, it became a bit controversial because it shows life through the eyes of a young deer and portrayed hunters in a negative light.

The two DVD set consists of the original movie in two versions. The is the regular re-mastered version of the film. I would definitely suggest that you watch this film with your surround system on because the music is incredible. Much of the story is actually told through the music — the narrative of the film has less than 1000 words.

The second version shows the film as it developed, along with the voices of various planners behind the film. It is well done, but it wasn’t clear if these were the real voices of Disney and the scriptwriters or actors.

The second disk is loaded with extra documentaries. Various facts are given about the film. For instance, did you know that the voice of Bambi was done by someone, who later on became a Captain in the US Marines? He kept this silent for 15 year though, because he felt if word got out, he wouldn’t be able to live it down! It also shows the time period when the film came out and how it was made. It shows how they studied real deer and studied the faces of young children to come up with the look of Bambi. It also explains how that all of the backgrounds of the Bambi film are based on Chinese style paintings.

About a half a dozen various games and activities are also found on this disk. You can also scan through a section full of pictures and slides in various categories.

A few deleted scenes are also included on the DVD. And a bonus featurette is about the upcoming Bambi II film that Disney is going to release this spring.

I have no reservations suggesting this for the whole family to watch — all in all, Bambi is a great DVD to own.

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